Mee Sapam, Phuket's style stir-fried noodle

The word Sapam has nothing to do with spam. Sapam is the name of a village in Phuket not far from Phuket Town.

This is the original Mee Sapam with yellow noodle, with the egg not well cooked it's beautiful..

As above but with Mee Hoon, white vermicelli, instead of yellow one. This dish was mine and I don't know why I had no egg actually. Perhaps it didn't go with Mee Hoon.

Shop: Mee Sapam
Location: Thepkasatri Road, Sapam Village
Almost all taxi drivers or local people will know this place if you ask for Mee Sapam in Sapam Village.
Price: 40-50 Baht, can't remember

The is Mee Sapam found in Phuket Central Festival's food court. The source said that the first one was better, but ok.