Rolled Noodle Soup - Kuay Chap Nam Sai

There are two kinds of Kuay Chap noodle soups. Nam Sai is this one with clear soup, the other one,  Nam Kon is in brown soup and is very nice too.

Kuay Chap is made of flat white rice noodles, but the noodle is rolled like a thick straw. I don't know how they do it. The soup is really peppery hot and tastes very, very gooood!!!  Normally this noodle soup will be served with all kinds of meats (intestines, liver, heart, lungs) but if you are not a fan of internal organs, ask for pork only...  Here we have crispy pork (Moo Grob) and normal pork meat.

This place is in Chinatown on Yaowarat road,  but there are many other shops selling the same thing and they are all nice.

This is how the shop looks like..
Kuay Chap Nai Ake