Rom Sai Phuket

Rom Sai Restaurant in Phuket
Rom Sai means 'Shade of Banyan Tree', nice and romantic name isn't it? This place has a really great views of the Andaman ocean, and a laid-back local atmosphere under a Banyan tree as the name suggests. It was really a nice Sunday lunch. This place is famous for E-sarn (Northeastern Thai) food, as well as other everyday's Thai food and seafood. Just perfect.
Shop name: Rom Sai
Location: Phuket, right before going downhill to Thavorn Beach Village & Spa if coming from Patong. See the map of the hotel here
Price: Not cheap for e-sarn places in Thailand but acceptable considering the view. Nam Tok and meat dishes cost about 80 Baht..
Som Tam Thai, spicy papaya salad

Gai Yang, barbecue chicken

This is the perfect E-sarn meal: Somtam, Gai Yang (fried chicken) and Kao Neow (sticky rice)
Of course, we ordered a bit more than the perfect meal, this is Nam Tok Nua, grilled-beef spicy salad.  Direct translation of Nam Tok is waterfall -- rooted from the fat dripping over the charcoal while it was grilled..

Laab Moo uses almost all the same ingredients Nam Tok but is made of minced meat. This one has pieces of pork liver mixed in as well
The making of Som Tam

The shopfront... don't let the appearance stop you.
Our table, under the tree.