Pork Party: Moo Daeng - Moo Grob - Kha Moo

Moo means pork, as well as a pig. Direct Translation: Moo Daeng, often referred to as barbecued pork, means red pork; Moo Grob is crispy pork; and Kha Moo is pork leg. They can be found easily anywhere.. popular for Thais and friendly to foreigners.

All these are meant to be eaten with rice.. Moo Daeng is very nice in noodle as well.

Moo Grob or crispy pork is only crispy at the skin.. the meat is soft and juicy. Moo Daeng (underneath) is usually served with red sauce.

Kha Moo or pork leg is always tender. What makes it nice is the fat bits :) Ask for less fat by saying "Mai Ow Man" (no fat please).

Sweet soy sauce, chili, garlic and vinegar.

Both are great with Kha Moo