MK Suki - Thai Style Hot Pot Sukiyaki

MK Suki
MK Suki Restaurant is the most popular Thai Sukiyaki restaurant in Thailand. They opened the first branch ages ago; I've been a fan for more than 18 years and still am!! MK Suki can be found in almost any shopping center or supermarket outlets, all around Thailand and has two types, MK Suki which is the regular version and MK Suki Gold serving high quality ingredients and a larger selection of ingredient, but is more expensive.

Thai Suki restaurants are always a DIY type thing: you order the uncooked veggies, mushrooms, seafood (and jellyfish), noodles, tofus and meat of your choice and then boil it. Some people add the ingredients little by little to make sure the vegetables are not overcooked; others (like us) prefer to have their greens well cooked to have the soup sweeter.

The roast duck they serve is very nice too.. but we didn't order it that day.
Veggie set, small one
Thin-sliced beef, marinated pork, jelly fish and more veggies.
Everything in the pot
Final results - yummm!!
Green, vegetable noodle (Moroheya, not Mee Yok)
Sukiyaki sauce with chopped garlic, chili and lime